Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015: The Menu

After reviewing the 2014 menu, and after a shopping trip where I scored some nice Brussels sprouts on the stalk, I had this as a proposed menu.  Some is highly detailed, some is left to the discretion of the person providing the food.  I took responsibility for the items in bold, and handed out tentative assignments for the others to various family members.

To my way of thinking, even if everyone else fell down on the job, we could have a nice dinner anyway, if I just roasted the sprouts and maybe served a green salad.  I knew my mother-in-law the would do some baking, so I felt pretty confident.  The fact that I have done this before doesn't hurt one bit.

Clams with black beans and garlic
Wild Rice with dried apricots and cranberries
Mulled Cider
Butternut Squash Soup
Roast Turkey
Apple/Sage dressing
Cranberry sauce two ways
Sweet Potatoes
Whipped potatoes
White Rice
Brussels Sprouts
Vegetable 2
Vegetable 3
Dinner wines
Soft drinks
Dessert 1
Dessert 2
Dessert 3

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